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5 Tax Deductions

  1. Did you need to wear any protective clothing? Protective clothing can include Shoes, Protective glasses, Hats, Hi Viz jackets, Helmets just to name a few.

  2. Are you required to be a member of an Association or Union? Then you maybe be eligible for a tax deduction

  3. Did you have to travel for work? If so you maybe eligible for a daily allowance which is set by the commissioner

  4. Do you use your car for Work? If so then you are eligible to claim. There is two ways to claim your car allowance you can either do it through the “Log Book method” or “per Kilometre”. For people who are using their cars everyday then the log book method is more beneficial. If you drive your car less than 5000km per year then you are entitled to claim an amount each Km depending on the size of your engine.

  5. Do you work from home? If so you maybe eligible to claim some of your home office. Now home office can be worked out 2 ways you can claim 45 cents per hour or you can work out all your expenses and then deduct a %. It is up to you and what you believe is the fairest method.

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